Vintage Café

Special Thanks to all our participants and Congratulations to our winners, Bill Dix and Johnny Wyndroski!

Stay tuned for information on our next 5lb  Milkshake drinking contest to celebrate our 2nd Birthday!

Friday, September 1, 2017

 If you're interested in being a contestant  please email us here.

-The event is rain or shine.

- Winner gets a T-shirt, photos on printed and social media, and bragging rights.

-Winner is determined by who has consumed the most milkshake in 10 minutes.

-Talk to your Doctor before you enter the contest. Brainfreeze is real. 

​-Mayor Bill Martin is the judge, what he says--goes! 

Thanks to Cooper Wade, our videographer, and to R.J. Rigler for editing. 

We should mention these are not the official rules. Contestants will be required to sign a rules and waiver form.

Comfort Food and Old Fashioned Treats